The 4 Sub-types of BPD

I was listening to Dr Daniel Fox's videos and found this video, he's a licensed Psychologist and expert in Borderline Personality Disorder. This really opened up my eyes and was a bit of a shock, I really think exploring which sub-type we identity most with will help in getting the best therapy treatment. Here's his [...]

Don’t be ashamed of your scars

It can be so easy to get mentally caught up in our trauma and past abuses, letting those things of our past define us. It can be so easy to feel like everything you are today, everything you've become, your anxiety, your fear, your failure, is a direct result of what happened to you. It's [...]

BPD ~ Feeling like everyone hates you

This is something I've Really been struggling with for as long as I can remember, the vicious cycle of it. I usually like to write posts based on thing's that's helped me but for this I'm at a loss, this is my cycle: Someone doesn't respond right away, has a tone, a facial expression or [...]

Accepting your limitations and planning accordingly

When I look back on my life I realized I've been spending most of it feeling ashamed that I didn't have more confidence in myself, or having more self-esteem, or feeling less crippling anxiety (as if I had any power over that). I realized I've been trying to push myself to do things I'm not [...]

Adult children of Narcissistic parents

Normally I write about anxiety and BPD but I came across Ross Rosenberg's videos on YouTube and I am blown away! As an adult child of Narcissistic parents myself, I honestly couldn't relate enough to what this man had to say about how Narcissistic abuse in children and how it bleeds out into the rest [...]

Make your own Anxiety, Depression & BPD Coping box

I saw a post on my BPD Facebook page about Self-Care Toolboxes that I think will be a wonderful addition to my own arsenal against the disorder! Apparently you get yourself a beautiful box and add all these little things into it that can distract you or cheer you up in times when you're feeling [...]

Dealing with the root cause of Anger

Anger is an emotion that is easily seen, and an emotion that seems to be seen as more acceptable than other emotions, such as depression. But most of the time anger is just the tip of the ice berg, being fueled by a combination of emotions hidden underneath, and sometimes we use anger to mask [...]

Respect yourself enough to walk away

I think one of the hardest things about BPD is feeling like you care more about other people than they do about you. You give your time to them, listen to them, offer advice and a shoulder to lean on, try your best to listen and comfort them, but then when you need any form [...]

Lack of Self-worth

It's been a while since I posted, I've been pretty busy since I started at my new job. I always thought once I started working I'd feel more complete, getting my drivers license and work has been my 2 major goals for a long time. I haven't got my license yet, my anxieties, fears and [...]

Staying Positive

I use to be the kind of person where a simple look, a simple tone, that I perceived as negative would not only affect my whole day, but also make me obsessively ruminate about it for days and spark a depression cycle that would go downhill, dragging my self-esteem, my self-worth and overall hope along [...]